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I'm Taylor Reid, a Senior Product Designer at The Washington Post who also happens to be an Illustrator and expert Doodler. I'm currently looking for some freelance illustration or email work.
If you're in need, please inquire below

I'm not currently taking on Product Design freelance. If you're looking for examples of UX/UI design, please contact me.



About Me.

In all things, I aim to surprise and delight. Whether my left brain is working out a tangled UX solution or my right brain is drawing something cheeky and whimsical, my end goal is always to bring a smile to the user's face. I like making life easier and ultimately more enjoyable.


While my day job is based out of DC, you'll find me tucked away in a log cabin on the edge of Bloomington, Indiana with my husband and adorable pup, Rosie. When not working (or figuring out life with a new puppy!) you may find me kayaking on Lake Monroe, traveling somewhere fun with my hubs, or curled up with a good book - or sketchbook. And always, always, with a cozy beverage by my side. I've yet to meet a cup of coffee I didn't like!


Have questions or would like to discuss a freelance project? Message me below. 
*I'm not currently taking on UX/UI freelance work, but you may inquire for samples.

Thanks for submitting!

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